3 Switchfoot Street, Bokarina Beach

Purchased June 2019: $720,000
Valuation January 2021: $920,000


Jack Cogger has been under the Galaxy Sport financial mentorship since he was 16.

Jack was put onto a savings plan that included direct diversion of his NRL salary into an investment account that he couldn’t access from an app.

After a 3 year savings plan in June 2019 we helped Jack purchase an Investment Property at Bokarina Beach on the Sunshine Coast. That property has since gone up in value by nearly 500k. 

Jack is well on his way to financial freedom

Current valuation 1.2million


Brian To’o from the Penrith Panthers is one of our  clients. Brian’s 1 on 1 started with a forensic review of his spending habits over the last 6 months. From that review, we could see that he was trying to save, he had transferred 30k into his savings account, but had transferred back 27k, the temptation was too much.

He was also supporting his mum to the extent of 4k per month. This required a sit down with his Agent and mum both included to review his spending habits and his financial goals.

We have since implemented a financial plan whereby $5,000 per month is sent from his payroll into a cash management account he can’t easily access, and he is still supporting mum, but with a lower contribution of $1,000 per month.

Brian now has a better understanding of his own finances and recently made a childhood dream come true by purchasing a home for his parents. He is now moving toward debt reduction on that property as well as future investment opportunities for himself.

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