Financial Education & Mentoring for Athletes

We guide the financial destiny of many of Australia’s elite athletes across multiple sporting codes. Our financial advisors understand elite sport.

For many successful professional athletes, preserving and protecting their hard-earned wealth is critical and a major priority.

Athletes have a limited window of earning capacity and must maximise this with wise budget and investment decisions. Time is not on the side of those who are undisciplined, unrealistic or too trusting.

Our experienced team of professionals will guide athletes through the various transitional phases of their life, from amateur to professional, to potential career transition and ultimately, retirement – and put a plan in place that allows professional athletes to convert their career earnings into a legacy of financial stability.

At Galaxy Sport, our process incorporates a comprehensive approach to implementing, measuring and monitoring a coordinated financial plan for our professional athlete clients. We seek to build strong personal long-standing relationships with our clients by always looking out for their best interests.

financial education for athletesThe simple truth is they won’t have the opportunity to make money like this again. That’s difficult for a young person to recognise when in the midst of living a dream. There are so many ways it can disappear: friends, family, lifestyle and constant pitches for can’t-miss opportunities. Athletes must not only save – but also invest wisely – all while navigating the minefield of people looking to take advantage of them.

Our finance & mentoring services include:

  • budgeting and cash flow analysis financial health check
  • investment & debt reduction strategies
  • planning for retirement income when playing career ends
  • income tax minimization strategies